Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MPLS TE with OSPF Sham-link

When OSPF sites have a backdoor connection, they will by default prefer that link over the MPLS VPN link. Because of the redistribution that occurs, the VPN routes will be seen as inter-area (if OSPF process numbers match on PEs), E1 or E2 routes. As you probably know by now, inter-area and external routes are less preferred than intra-area routes in OSPF. No amount of administrative distance-altering or interface cost- changing can affect this decision making. Here we look briefly at a feature designed to allow VPN routes to look like intra-area routes, giving us the ability to prefer them over the VPN connection by adjusting interface costs.

Above topology show the how OSPF Sham-Link configured .

Below Link give you complete Document for same .

MPLS Traffic Engineering with OSPF Sham-link

Chetan Kumar

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