Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EVC: Ethernet Virtual Circuits – Part 1

Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC)

@ Support mix of Layer 2 & Layer 3 Services on same physical port.

@ Concurrent support of different flavors of Layer 2 Services i.e. Point –to- Point &
     Point-to Multipoint. ( E-Line , E-LAN, E-Tree)

@ Emerging Standard: IEEE 802.1ad, IEEE 802.1ah

@ EPF: Ethernet Flow Point i.e. Transport agnostic abstraction of an Ethernet.

@ Flexible Service Mapping

Concept & Terminology

@Three Type of EVC:

• Point –to- Point (E- LINE)

• Point-to Multipoint (E-LAN)

• Rooted Multipoint (E-TREE)

 @ Ethernet Virtual Connection or Circuit

 @ Conceptual Visualization of an Ethernet

Two Understand the EVC Building Block below terms or concept need to know:

@ Ethernet Flow Point (EFP): Transport agnostic abstraction of an Ethernet services

@ Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC): Local Object or container for service parameter.

@ Bridge Domain (BD): Ethernet Broadcast domain.

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