Saturday, May 19, 2012

Active Blog : Comeback

Hi Guys

From long time the blog was not active due to my work, but now onward the blog will be active & i will come up will all available technologies that is used in Service Provider , Enterprise Network & Data Center which include Routing & Switching , Security , MPLS , Load Balancer & Cisco Data Center 3.0.

I will come up with all major IT vendor i.e. Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, BigIP F5 etc.

As we know that the IT world is changing so rapidly that we can't stick to single vendor & technologies.
Now the Virtualization is the key component for IT Department because it reduce cost & increase productivity.
So the new name of Virtualization is "Cloud Computing".

Cisco is having very impressive product line for this Virtualization . ( For more detail check for Cisco Data Center 3.0)

So Cisco came up with New Certification  CCIE Data Center or we can say it is enhance version of CCIE Storage.

So stick to this blog & get more detail on above technologies.

Chetan Kumar

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