Monday, August 20, 2012

BIG IP F5 LTM Tutorial - Part 5

2. Initial Config
Ø  Configuration license of BIG IP F5 is very easy
o   Access BIG IP System
o   Enter registration key
o   Access the dossier
o   Send registration key and dossier to the licenses serve
o   Install the big IP licenses file or copy & past the dossier from license server
o   Restart the BIG IP processes

Ø  For initial configuration you can use either web-based or legacy CLI mode. In CLI mode type 
“config” & provide necessary detail. ( Below screen show the same)

Ø  Basic Configuration :
o   Assign FQDN name
o   Assign mgmt IP address  
o   Assign Self IP (Internal -with VLAN ID)
o   Assign Self IP (External- with VLAN ID)
o   Assign Floating IP address
o   Change Password : CLI & WEB
o   Assign default gateway

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