Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BIG IP F5 LTM Tutorial - Part 7

4. Load Balancing Terminology

Ø  Nodes  
  • The devices represented by the IP address of Pool Member are called Nodes. Hence Node has only IP address & may represent in many pool members. ( IP Address )

Ø  Pool Members 
  • A pool member is an IP address and service port combination that is hosted by physical server.
  • A single server can host any number of pool member because the different service ports may run various services. ( IP Address:Port )

Ø   Pools   
  •  A pool is a group of pool member and is identified by name. In addition to pools member, pools also have their own load balancing method, monitors and other feature.

Ø  Virtual Servers
  •   A virtual Server is a combination of Virtual IP address & service Port
  • Virtual Server is mapped with multiple actual server or pools.  
  • Virtual Server will perform multiple functions like: Server availability Load Balancing, translation of virtual IP address to actual IP address, Translate virtual server service ports to actual server service ports.
  • By default translation of address & ports are enabled in virtual server.

Ø  Packet Flow through BIG IP :

ü  Client initiate request to BIG IP Virtual Server IP address & Service Port
ü  BIP IP translate VIP to actual IP address
ü  Server will see Client IP address as a source & own IP address in destination
ü  Server will reply to that session & BIG IP will translate back server actual IP to VIP address

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