Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cisco IOU -- Part 5

How you can Telnet the Cisco IOU routes ?

You can telnet all router that you are running in Cisco IOU. Please follow the below steps :-

Check the IP address of VMware machine with "ifconfig" command. VMware machine will automatically get IP address because of DHCP, DHCP is enable in VMware so when ever you will run VMware machine the you will get IP address. (Default) 

For example your IP address is then open Putty or Telnet or use SecureCRT to do telnet.
You will do telnet to IP address : "telnet 2001 "  2001 is the port number.

So you will get R1 prompt , In this way yo can start telnet using port number till 2030 in TS1 & TS2.

For Example : 

"telnet 2001 "
"telnet 2002 "
"telnet 2003 "
"telnet 2004 "  

Use Secure CRT to save the session , So that you can use those session any time .

Note : In Cisco IOU you will not able to save the configuration because you are running topology in LIVE CD, In up coming post i will show you how to save the configuration in Cisco IOU for TS1 & TS2 or any other.


  1. Very informative.. I will try it..

  2. i think i found a handy way to create "vlans". Since there is no switch available and no 16 ethernet module like dynamips then the only solution is the following:
    lets say we have three routers connected
    1:0/0 2:0/0 3:0/0
    iou treats them as connected in the same switch. The first solution would be to just create different subnets then in layer three we would have "vlan" but still the routers would be in the same broadcast domain. The second and better solution is to create subinteraces.
    for example
    int e 0/0
    no ip address
    no shut
    int e0/0.12
    encapsulation dot1q 12
    ip address
    now only subinterfaces with the same dot1q can ping the

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