Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cisco Simulator : Cisco IOS-On-UNIX (Cisco IOU)

Cisco Learning Labs for routing and switching are real bundles of practice labs, powered by Cisco IOS Software on UNIX.

Cisco IOS-On-UNIX is a Cisco simulator, Cisco use IOU for IOS testing & CCIE R&S Trouble shooting. Also Cisco Conduct CCIE R&S Trouble shotting on Cisco IOS-On-UNIX.

Cisco IOS-On-UNIX is cisco internal simulator used by internal employ.

Now Cisco IOU has been leaked & available on internet. You can download the Cisco IOS-On-UNIX for CCIE LAB practice.

Cisco IOS-On-UNIX support all feature & it come with advance enterprise IOS.

Also Cisco has now announce officially Cisco Learning LAB where you can buy Cisco Rental LAB for preparation of CCIE R&S or MPLS LABS.

From Below link you will know more about Cisco IOS-On-UNIX  

1] Cisco IOU -- Part 1
2] Cisco IOU -- Part 2
3] Cisco IOU -- Part 3
4] Cisco IOU -- Part 4
5] Cisco IOU -- Part 5

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