Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Save Configuration in Cisco IOS-On-UNIX (IOU)

In my earlier post you saw how to run CISCO IOU on VMware machine, But the problem is that you can't save configuration because you are running CISCO IOU from Live CD & when you will restart the VMware machine then the configuration will be removed .

Here i am going to explain you how to save the configuration in CISCO IOU , so that you can have that configured topology any time when ever you want , So now you can review the configuration & use the old configured topology for you LAB practice.

The requirement to save configuration is the same one that we using for LIVE CD, Here we are going to use the Ubuntu OS for GUI mode, But how know the CLI he can go with CLI mode without having Ubuntu OS.

1] Download the Ubuntu OS & install in VMware machine.
2] Run VMware machine with the CISCO IOU TS1 & TS2 Live CD with auto mount option.

3] Use "df" Command to view disk usage.You will get below screen.

Here you will see the "/media/sda1" which is your hard drive that is allocated to Ubuntu OS.

4] To save the configuration we have to copy the following files from CD to hard drive.
    Below files need to copy from CD to Hard drive.


5] Use the below command to create folder in sda1 so that we can copy the flies from CD to hard drive folder.

#mkdir IOU

6] Use below command to copy the files from CD to Hard Drive & verify.

#cp -r * /media/sda1/home/xyz/IOU_1

 xyz        ==> Home folder of Ubuntu OS.
IOU_1   ==> Folder that we create to copy files from CD to Hard drive.

7] Now all required files are copied to Hard drive & when ever you want to run IOU then you should boot with live CD & then go to home folder then run & instructed in LIVE CD.


8] Now you can telnet to routers & save the configuration. All configuration is saved in your Ubuntu hard drive . If you want to see you can login to Ubuntu & enjoy !!!!!

Note : The IOU will not run from Ubuntu  ,To run IOU you have boot from LIVE CD & then go to hard drive folder where you had copied & then run the TS1 & TS2 Topology.



  1. great article ..i hope if you can explain how to create TOPOLOGY , netmap . when i saw labs at ine and 360 , with frame relay and lot of switches , me confused , we expect a tutorial for creating netmap especially when frame relay switches in topology and wht is BBR in tpology showin

  2. Automounting with the liveCD, but /media/sda1 is not their. It shows tempfs filesystem. im using it with vm workstation 8.0 with ubuntu linux.

  3. nice post. thanks for thanking it..


  4. it worked for me...Thanks for this excellent post!!!

  5. I can not seen /dev/sda1..... i am using vwmare 7.
    how i can sort out problem please.